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About Sunni

Sunni L. Goodson is a Historic Buildings and Design Consultant offering over 11 years of international experience in the sensitive re-development of built heritage, with an established design and heritage consultancy across Ireland and the US. She completed her undergraduate education at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and in 2009 earned her Master’s in Conservation of Historic Buildings at the University of Bath, UK, where her dissertation on the Charleston ‘Single House’ received the Donald Insall Award for the highest marks in the programme. Sunni also holds a Higher National Certificate in Interior Design from the Dublin Institute of Design.

Sunni has been involved in the study and care of historic buildings in a multitude of projects in Ireland and the US. From 2012 – 2020, Sunni was the Conservation Interior Designer, Historic Buildings Consultant, and Architectural Conservation Specialist for two Dublin-based Grade I Conservation firms where she took a leading role in multi-disciplinary, complex conservation and heritage re-development projects for public and private clients. Sunni has completed nine city/county surveys for Ireland’s National Inventory of Architectural Heritage, is a member of the Irish Georgian Society’s Architectural Conservation & Planning Committee and the Board of the Register of Heritage Contractors. She has lectured in the Grade III accreditation series for Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland, University College Dublin, Dublin City Council and the Dundalk Society of Young Surveyors.

In 2013, 2014, 2016, and 2019 Sunni was honoured to study some of the most outstanding examples of architectural heritage in the UK and US whilst attending the prestigious Attingham Summer School, the Attingham Trust London House Course, and the Victorian Society in America’s Newport and Chicago Summer Schools.


Guiding Clients

Throughout her work Sunni has worked closely with private and professional clients to guide them through the processes involved in planning and heritage asset development, design solutions for historic buildings, appropriate repair and improvement of Protected Structures, and other historic sites.


The Detail

Sunni has a keen eye for the nuances of period details, building chronology and traditional building technologies.


Research and Documentation

Some of Sunni’s consultancy work has also included multidisciplinary research and documentation of historic buildings, and Historic Structure Reports for the purposes of planning and specifying refurbishment works.

Diverse Experience

With past projects ranging from seventeenth century merchant’s dwellings to country houses, 1970s concrete monoliths to 21st century offices, Sunni would be delighted to offer her wealth of diverse experience to your interior design or conservation needs.

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Sunni would be delighted to offer her wealth of diverse experience to your heritage or conservation needs.

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